No smoking please

A friend of mine turned me on to ecigs back in January. I had tried one at a 4h fair, but they had tobacco flavor. Tobacco flavor….it’s dip. A Tobacco flavor in an ecig tastes like dip. It lacks the smoky flavor that makes cigs taste like cigs. That being said, my friend had menthol.
I’m a menthol smoker and this is the menthol minus the burnt.
I got and started using the ecigs Feb 1 and have been happily vaping away since then….minus this past month when I lost my pack in the purchase of a new truck. Yes, another truck, but this one is a 2005….and i love it :)
I have the pack for out and about, and passthroughs at home and in the truck.
The best thing about them….other than easily breathing, is INDOOR SMOKING!! at bars and work!
The “smoke” is harmless water vapor so it’s not a health risk, and I’ve slowly gotten my co-workers used to seeing it a puff at a time when I’m on the phones.
I won’t lie to you, the switch can be a bit rough, depending on how big a smoker you are. The vapor is a different feeling than smoke in your throat. It can feel harsh initially. But then, no one can say their first cigarette was all sunshine and roses.
The ecig delivers flavoring and nicotine in a vapor, giving you what you want, without the thousands of other chemicals. The vapor is propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or a mix….both of which are used in fog machines and are harmless.
The switch does not stop the withdrawal symptoms…for a couple weeks i was coughing up crap, and feeling miserable. I was worried until a fellow coworker who had quit described the exact same symptoms for quitting cold turkey.
They passed leaving healthy breathing and nicotine behind with me.
A cart for the ecig can cost 60-80 cents and is the equivalent of 1-2 PACKS of cigarettes depending on your smoking habits, so it’s dirt cheap too.
My money savings wound up becoming passthroughs all around, the ability to afford a nice truck, and goodies for the truck. Just look at the temporary banner below…there’s a grand in savings.

I have a forum sig banner with a link to Volcano with my referral code up as a temporary banner until I get approved for the affiliate program to get an official banner.

Volcano Ecigs

Boring, yes ,but updated still

So, basically, not much has changed overall… still busy.
I got the truck moderately happy with the drive as long as it’s babied.
Switched to volcano ecigs to get actual customer service.
LG TV is still working. Still have the shitty Samsung in the attic in the event of a class action suit or recall…..or maybe to drop off at their corporate office, douse with gas and light on fire. would be the most entertainment gotten from it.
I took up……gardening?
In one of those strange chains, yes.
A tasty onion sprouted in the fridge. Now, bear in mind….to get a nonfarming person to take notice AND plant this……I tell you this onion turned into a garden in and of itself. I planted it in a 10×10 pot in my room and it exploded even more. The room filled with the lovely aroma of onion and the pot overflowed with onion “stems?” stalks? I named it sideshow bob due to the resemblance. Unfortunately, Bob grew up plenty, but not down.
At this time, the coffeecommander had mentioned that his mom got a generic topsy turvy. $7 and a few plants later at the depot, and i had a mini garden. Unfortunately……or maybe fortunately….I have a very addictive personality and do go on shopping binges from time to time. The perfect storm aligned…time passed….and i now have… in my window… a very happy 14″ bell pepper plant which is the greenest plant I’ve ever seen, 4 happy 9″ jalapenos and 4 onions growing around the remains of bob all under a daylight bulb and blacklight on a timer.
Not to be outdone, my backyard now has chiles, jalapenos, Hungarian wax, and cubanelles in Topsy turvys……2 rows of 9 Hungarian wax peppers in long planters, a row of 9 cubanelles, 3 habaneros, 3 viva italia tomatoes, 3 heirloom tomatoes, 1 big patio tomato, and I believe the one hanging out of the Topsy is an heirloom too.
At least I’m down to 3 pots in my room….was starting to feel like a greenhouse in here.
And…Borderlands….yes… absolutely must have it.

Finally mobile again

got the beater pickup registered today.
it was nice being able to smoke to and from work. i can expect lower phone bills now too.
its beat, but that was expected.
still beats walking and staying home. :)