Still not driving

I wound up buying an rx7 that needed some mechanical work. Tonight, I got it to stay running, but not very well. I just need to figure out what’s up with the transmission and I should have it on the road.

Rotary engines are a pain in the ass and parts are expensive.

On a happier note, the garage is getting cleaner. I should be able to pull a car in fairly soon. Getting both in would be ideal, but realistically, it’s never going to happen.

Hopefully, I can get some decent coin parting out my old car. I’m not expecting much luck there either.

Volcano Ecigs

i finally may have a new car

with my car shitting on, me, shortly followed by it shitting on me after $250 of the obvious culprits and a $50 tow, i find myself looking for a new car.
today, at long last, i got my w2′s, making me the last person in my office to get them…..i know some sadistic bastard is laughing somewhere.
but i may have an ultimately sweet can in my future.
im lookin at a classic tbird in great shape bodywise. im hoping the drivetrain matches the body, but ill likely find out tomorrow.
im hoping between the scraps i have saved and my tax return, i can get this beast.
if i can get this car, i will happily strip my current paperweight of mods for resto work.
but once I get my car situation squared away, I can come back here with a vengeance.

Been busy

I got into the project of casing and labeling all of my pc games, driver and utility cd’s. It seems ink and paper wasn’t the only thing that i wasted, but boatloads of time too.
I still have a stack to go through, but I settled on a template for the drivers and utilities, so that’ll make the rest quicker.
For what I have done, it’s nice to see what they are without pulling out a stack of paper sleeved discs and sorting thourgh them.
Why is it that most companies have foregone cases nowadays? The Orange Box, Quake 4 and even some of my Everquest expansions came in nice double sized (why? better than nothing though) cases, but it seems that this is not the norm.
A simple single dvd case as the standard would be nice. You’d have the disc, manual, maybe just shrink wrap it as-is, there’s really nothing more needed. Then, the box it comes in would be the case….nice.