Doesn’t look good for Jack Thompson :)

Things aren’t looking too good for everyone’s “favorite” video game asshole. The Florida Bar has officially requested that he be disbarred for 10 years for misconduct. He was found guilty of 27 counts of misconduct. The final punishment has yet to be set, but it’s good to see him get taught a lesson for using his job standing as a personal soapbox to crusade from.

Will this finally shut him up? Not likely, but it will reduce him to the same standing as the man arrested for being naked in the middle of the street, claiming to be Jesus and George Bush.

The best part of this case…. he had prepared a SEVEN PAGE objection speech, which the judge refused to let him read. He then stormed out, losing any chance of arguing his case on what his punishment would be.

I’m hoping for jail time and anal rape.

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