e-Rewards: I got my reward

I got my first reward from e-Rewards. $25 GameStop gift card! You simply fill out surveys and get credit for filling them out, and even a small amount of credit if you don’t qualify. There are other companies and plenty of other rewards, but this is the best one for me. This is the first survey site or make money on the web plan that is actually worthwhile.
I got the link in one of my gamestop emails and after some pondering decided to go for it.
Now to combine this with the current 25% off ps3, ps2 and psp coupon, and my edge card 10%, the math works out to be like getting $37.04 in credit. So, I just need to decide if I’m going to get a nice ps3 game or a bunch of ps2 games. :)

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W3Counter vs WP Stats revisited

After a few days of having both, I have noticed that WP Stats definitely paints a rosier picture of my stats. There have been days when W3 shows no traffic, and WP shows a handful of clicks. The busiest day from WP so far shows 6 clicks while W3 shows none. Since having both, W3 only shows one click on a day WP shows 3. Again, I’m not sure if this is a conflict from having both.
Overall, the rosier picture and actual, working chart in the dashboard have lead me to remove W3 from my site.
W3 Counter is a fine product, but for me, WP Stats does just what I want.

W3Counter vs WP Stats

It’s a rather strange comparison as neither seem to effectively track stats. Before the coffeecommander fixed my site to take me off his wordpress login, I was using W3Counter and was plenty happy with it. Good info, maybe a bit more than I wanted available, but seemed to work properly.

After the fix, I installed WordPress Stats, and just left W3 on for the time being, as I’d rather not look at a naked tracker. Plus, I’m lazy. Lately I’ve noticed that they both seem to count traffic differently. Or rather, it seems that some traffic is caught by one, some by the other and some overlap.

Perhaps this is an error on my part for having them both installed, but it seems to me that they should both count the same traffic. I’d hate to remove W3, only to find that I’m only seeing part of what I should. I hope that is what it is. I’ll have to look into it.

Oh ya, back to the topic, WPStats shows basic info. Search terms, top posts, referrers and view stats. And their traffic graph works from the dashboard.

W3 shows all time traffic stats, 7 day traffic, top posts, top searches, top referrers and location within the dashboard. There is also a spot for a graph that never worked for me. From the W3 site, there’s more info then anyone should need, and even more available with a subscription.