EA facing class action lawsuit over Spore’s DRM

Yup the same DRM they have on bioshock and mass effect. You’d think they might learn.
I’d have bought bioshock new if not for the drm. I waited until the install limit was lifted to buy it. So I paid $20 for a game that i would have otherwise been willing to pay $50 for. I passed on mass effect until I no longer had interest in getting it.
So, we all know about the over 2000 people one star rating spore on amazon due to issues from the drm.
Now there is a class action lawsuit for securom doing exactly what it does….spyware and malware. Securom causes system instability, it is a fact. Now people are calling EA out on it and (as always in America) seeking monetary compensation.
The sad fact is, as I said before with bioshock, DRM only hurts and inconveniences legal purchasers of the game. On launch day for spore, there already was a torrent of the game and working no cd crack. The pirates get a free, DRM free game. Why do those of us who legally purchase the game get the install limits, system instability and securom bullshit?

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Bioshock PC Review

Just finished playing through Bioshock, Now I see why this game was raved about so much. It can be finished in one all-nighter, but then so can most games nowadays. The art deco design with steampunk elements mixed in provide for breathtaking visuals. I found that the real world styling lend the game a much greater “you are there” feeling. The creatures, err “people” fit well with the game’s style. My pair of 7950gt’s ran the game quite nicely. The only change other than resolution that I had to make was turning high detail post processing off to smooth out the framerate.
The sound is wonderful and setting the game to run in 7.1 made me forget that my card doesn’t support EAX. Music fits the time frame and all the sounds are well made and add to the creepiness of the game. The “moan” of the big daddy will haunt me for days.
The controls are your basic pc fps setup, and I couldn’t see playing this on anything but a keboard and mouse.
The plasmids and tonics add a RPG element to the game as well as something to manage to effectively play in the current area. Plasmid and weapon upgrades add nice visuals, making the plasmids show your hand as more enhanced. The weapon upgrades change the visual of the weapons from basic to very steampunk. I so want a handgun that looks like the maxed one. Tonics get upgrades as well, but the tonics are more passive effects, so they aren’t as noticeable.
Researching enemies with the camera gives you added damage as well as the occasional tonic, so snapping a few pics of unsuspecting enemies is always a good idea. Little sisters will wait after the big daddy is killed, so snapping pics of them nets you a small health and eve bonus for each research level.
The story is a basic game story, tried and true, making it overwhelmingly predictable, but the game is so well done that you tend not to notice. Diaries are a nice touch, copied from doom 3, giving you more back story and info of the area.
I had one crash, well, strange lockup really, during play which caused my computer to think it had no video card. It strangely sorted itself back to normal once I closed the game from the task manager. This would have likely cost me an activation before the 3 install limit was lifted as the pc even thought the hardware had changed.
Overall, this game is a definite must have if you play fps’s. The stunning visuals, creepy sound and great gameplay will leave you coming back for more.
The install limit lift is a great thing too. Now if only the rest of the games with install limits can have them lifted as well. I’m looking at you, Gears of War. There was an entire, full shelf at Best Buy yesterday. I know I’m not the only one who shies away from games with crippling DRM. Companies have to see that crippling games with oppressive DRM lowers sales and increases piracy. Just common sense. Lifting that limit would get me to buy a copy.

Bioshock DRM Partially lifted

Since it was released, Bioshock had SecuROM and a 3 install limit. The limit worked similar to Microsoft’s. Any time there was a hardware change, new pc install, or a crash or error which made the game think there was a hardware change, it would use up one of those activations.

SecuROM still exists in the game, but the limit bullshit kept myself and many others from buying this game. That being said, I am now a proud owner of Bioshock.

Here is the best quote I saw on 2K’s forum posting

Remember, only customers hate DRM. Pirates remove it.

While sad, it is very true. Bioshock was on torrent sites the next day, showing the DRM was only inconveniencing the legal purchasers. DRM in general is just chock full of fail. SecuROM is the most hated and easiest removed of them all. I, myself did a discless install of TDU on my lanparty rig. It was as simple as loading Y.A.S.U. and using Daemon Tools to load a disc image to a mountable drive. The disc can then stay safely on my shelf as you can see in the pic I posted a while back of my entertainment center.

DRM get updated, yes, but the anti-DRM utilities get updated just as fast. There is no failsafe method of DRM, there cannot be. Any time a company boasts of a unhackable DRM simply calls out the hackers to arms to prove them wrong.

The only DRM that I support is disc in drive and one time activation that allows you to run discless. Oh yeah, and Steam. I was initially against Steam, but love it now. Being able to install Steam on another pc, login to my account and download every game I have bought with Steam is just awesome. Can’t play on multiple pc’s at once, but why would I need to?