wavebird score

Had the day off for a doctor’s appointment today, well, yesterday now. After all the fun and games there I decided to grab some legal size paper to print covers for some of the used games I have that are without. (No borderless support on my old printer) While I was in the area, I popped into GameStop.

Lo and behold, there’s a wavebird hanging with the used accessories. Of coarse, now that I have two new ones, I find one. Platinum, in good shape, with the receiver, at a whopping $18. I figured someone was bsing on wiifanboy about GS selling them used for that low, but color me wrong.

As you can see the receivers fit quite nicely on the wii. Unlike my previous post, this one is my wii. And I’m aware the memory card is pink, it’s the only color amazon had left. The black tape was just to easily tell the two greys apart.

Let’s hope GS doesn’t wise up and raise their price.

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Wireless Wavebird lovin pt 2

Got my second wavebird in today, and I’ve been lagging on the bestbuy/gamestop trips. I’m now up to 50 combined wii/gamecube games. Perhaps not much of a milestone to some, but to me, it means I have to get off my butt and do more playing. And on a side note it shows that the wavebird is so sweet that I had to have a second. More to come soon.

Wireless Wavebird lovin

I picked up a wireless wavebird gamecube controller new off amazon for the butthurt price of $100. I have to say it’s money well spent. Who at nintendo was crazy or dumb enough to decide to discontinue it?

I plugged it in for a quick test in Brawl and the next thing I knew 2 hours had passed. It’s not heavy and it’s so comfortable I had to stop by GameStop try try out a wired official nintendo gc controller (also pretty nice). The receiver hangs over the right side of the wii by about a half inch and doesn’t push on the door, so it’s all good there. Basically, just rest two AA batteries on top of a wired and that’s the same weight. If you can find one new, or in good shape used, it’s money well spent.

The only things i might like changed on it would be to angle the hand grips out a bit to put the users wrists at a straighter angle and the addition of rumble support.

Who knows, maybe they’ll redesign the wavebird for the wii like they’re doing with the new wired controller. Well, we can all hope, and I know I’m not the only one.

I found these pics on a quick google search, they’re not mine. And yes, that top cover is pretty sweet.