GameStop Run

Popped into GS to use my e-Rewards gift card. With my Edge card and the current email coupon of 25% off ps2/ps3 and psp used games coupon, I picked up GH:Aerosmith for $5, dark sector for $12, and assassin’s creed for $16.
The GH:A works out well for me, as when drinking night rolls around, I can be the one drinking and watching while others play, and not the other way around.
I thought about picking up some of the older GH PS2 games with the coupon, and after a search online, it seems I made the right choice in not getting them as GH2 is not playable due to controller issues with the ps3. GH1 can be played, but it seems you need an adapter and the old guitar.
Just goes to show that Sony made a bad choice for the consumers when they decided to not put in the old controller and memory card ports. It’s not as if there isn’t enough space. Well, they forced me to buy a memory card adapter to transfer my saves that I’ll never need again, maybe there will be an official adapter for controllers.

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Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock: PS3

With my upgrade, I figured I’d give it a whirl and put up a review.
Here’s my review of the wii version. Since it’s the same game, I’ll just go over the differences here.
First off, the guitars. They are the same size and roughly the same weight as the wii guitars, maybe a lillt lighter. They are wireless, with a usb receiver to plug in for each one, sadly, no bluetooth. The only real difference is that the wii has an analog stick where the d pad is, the PS button and the lack of vibration and sound provided by the wii remote.
And the game itself…
The graphics are naturally much better on the ps3, boasting a nice, high resolution, consistently smooth framerate, and, it looks like, better lighting. The sound seems better on the ps3, but that could be the comparison of optical cable to component.
Having storage on the ps3 means downloadable content. New song packs can be found in the add-ons section of the PSN store. I picked up the handful of freebies (Dropkick Murphys for free? woot!). Track packs have 3 songs each and are $6.25. Singles are $2.49 each. After download, it’s just a click to install them.

Swapped out GH3:Wii for GH3:PS3 – Thank you Guitar Center

On yesterday’s trip to GameStop, I asked what it would cost to swap out GH3:Wii for GH3:PS3. The CoffeeCommander let me know that Guitar Center has the Legends of Rock bundle for all systems for $39.99 each. That’s less than the price of a guitar!
On trade-in, i got $68 for the GH3: Wii disc, one official guitar, one Nyko Frontman and the second GH3:PS3 disc. This means it basically only cost $16 to upgrade to two official guitars and hi-def graphics.
While I was there, I grabbed two guitar hangers, so now the guitars are hanging nicely on the sides of one of my dvd racks.
If you’ve been waiting for a great sale to jump on the guitar bandwagon, this is it. The sale doesn’t seem to be posted on the GC website, so swing into you local Guitar Center. Mine had them piled by the entrance. The employee who helped me said that they are selling them below cost, so you won’t find a better sale than this.
On a side note, it was pretty funny how excited the clerk got when we checked and found out that the guitars do fit nicely in standard guitar hangers.