Terminator Salvation : PS3

The addition of trophies and the ability to track and compare them can make a person do strange things. Like pick up a used game you had no interest in, is universally panned as an abortion, and the laziest implementation of everything.
Most PS3 games have the standard platinum trophy, one or two gold, and a number of silver and copper trophies. This game has 11 gold trophies and one platinum, all of which can be achieved in one playthrough…..provided you can sit through it. It’s a trophy whore’s dream….and a gamer’s worst nightmare.
The AI is atrocious… enemies will gun for you and chase you, but if you stand in a certain spot a lot of times, the pathing will glitch and they just stand there. Your allies are invulnerable with unlimited ammo…..this can be exploited and sometimes has to.
The graphics are OK…standard fare for a console fps, nothing to write home about.
The story is abysmal…John Connor, the head of the resistance hears a call for help from within Skynet and decides to travel through hell to rescue them, dragging bystanders along for the ride.
The game can be completed in a day, provided you can sit through it.
I get about a half hour to an hour per sitting.
Damn trophies!

and yes, I know i didn’t post the boxart…..it doesn’t even deserve that recognition.

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