Regular Best Buy trip haul

Just got back from Best Buy. I had a coupon for !0% for a new store opening event, but they accept them at any store, so I hit the local one. I picked up Destroy All Humans and Resi: Umbrella Chronicles for $45 each. The local store has a red dot rack in the center of the store where they put random games at nice discounts. From here i got Dragon Blade for $10 and the big score…….

Zack and Wiki for $15!

All the reviews I’ve read have been very positive about it and the guys at WiiFanboy love it.

So, if you stop by Best Buy be sure to check the red dot rack, sometimes there’s gold to be found.

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Regular trip to Best Buy

I picked up a few games at best buy today (well, yesterday now) since they sent me a rewards zone coupon. Grabbed Battalion Wars 2 (25% off red dot sale by the clearance rack), Resident Evil 4, and a Wii Zapper. Now, I’ve already got a pair of Nyko Perfect Shots, but I was curious as to how the zapper would fare. It comes with Link’s Crossbow Training, which like Wii Sports, doesn’t come with a dvd case, which I don’t understand, but a quick trip to and a blank case quickly fixed.

I haven’t tried them out yet as I’m still concentrating on No More Heroes (awesome game). But I’m on the last ranking battle, so I’ll be starting the next game soon.