Regular Best Buy trip haul

Picked up Nights at BB. They matched the Gamestop price of $29.99 (thx again for the heads up). Fortunately, I managed to print the page before GS went though the site update. While I was out, I picked up One Piece: Unlimited Adventure (which BB doesnt carry for some reason), the elusive Mercury Meltdown Revolution, MegaMan Anniversary Collection and Metriod Prime (both for the GC). It’s nice to have a BB, 3 GS’s, and an FYE, while they last, all within an eighth of a mile. Yes, nearly across from BB is a GS, and coming back, a mall with 2 more GS. Why? I have no idea. Back in the day when the mall opened, there was an EB and Babbages in the mall. Gamestop bought both and for some reason kept them and decided to open another. It’s like Starbucks, or Dunkin Blownuts (though I do have to admit, the DD at the mall is the only one within 60 miles that makes a good coffee)

Tomorrow….well, today now, I’ll hit the GameCrazy across the street from work, then the 5 min drive back to the mall area to hunt for Kororinpa: Marble Mania (was a Marble Madness fan) and some more GC games on my must have list. It’s like the fates see it necessary for me to blow all my cash on games. Seriously, I’ve got 35 games since September and beat 4, played maybe 6. Fortunately GC compatibility on the Wii opens the door to dirty cheap great games, but still. I’m not even including VC games here.

As for the VC, why no Marble Madness? They usually bring back a classic related to a new release. And Rock and Roll Racing, that was another good one. Anything you’re looking forward to being released on the Virtual Console?

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