Best Buy: Mushroom Men for $10!!

I hit up BB today hoping to get NFS:U PC for $20….sold out.
But what they did have was a couple of fairly new games in the bargain bin. So I picked up
Mushroom Men Wii – $10 – isn’t this still a new game?
Space Siege PC – $5 – not a big surprise here
Test Drive Unlimited PS2 – $9.99 – cuz I’m curious how it compares
Mana Khemia PS2 – $5 – looks decent

The funny thing is that each game with the yellow sticker had to be manually changed. And MM rang up at $49.99. So it’s worth it to swing in and check the bins for a bargain. If nothing else, you could trade them in at GS and make a few bucks.

Volcano Ecigs

Wii Menu 4.0 – a step in the right direction

Yes, with the new Wii menu 4.0, there is an SD Card channel. Clicking this opens a 20 page menu of games loaded onto your SD card.

Is this a suitable solution? By no means.
What it is, is a step in the right direction.

First off, people like me will find it great that there’s 20 more pages to fill. I’ve filled the standard Wii pages with just VC games, with room still to spare. And they say it supports up to 32g SD cards. Awesome!

Now, the obvious problem is that with 32g of space, 20 pages wil be nowhere near enough. That can be topped out without even filling a 2 gig card. The next issue is that how it actually works, is that it copies the game to the Wii’s system storage, then runs it from there. Why not run it right from the card?

All in all, it is by no means a perfect, or even well thought out solution, but it is a definite step in the right direction. With some extra work, this could easily turn into the perfect solution for Wii storage. Let’s just hope they don’t drop the ball.

Raving Rabbids TV Party Review Part 1 – Wiimote and Nunchuk

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is the value of a shakycam video?
Here is the intro video. It gives the story better than I could explain and sets up the premise of the game.
Note that this is the only story video I will be posting. It would really be a douche move to ruin the story before release, so don’t bother asking.
This is spoiler free as is is the intro before the loading screen.
This video encoded at 640×480 in avi with MS MPEG4 V2 codec and mp3 audio and should play fine in windows media player.
Alternate download location on if this site starts to bog down.
Direct Download
Download from

So there you have the basic premise of the game, pretty much a role reversal of the first Rabbids with the rabbids as the captives this time around. You play as the rabbids facing a choice of one challenge per time slot. Unlockables are back with at least one per challenge.
The gameplay is familiar to rabbids fans, only now there are even more challenges to face. You can choose your controller type, wii remote and nunchuk or both and the balance board. A nice touch is that for those of you who do not have a balance board, these games get remapped to the w&n setup. A nunchuk is required, but at $20, you really should have one already.
The games are as zany as ever, providing the fun and laughter you would expect from a rabbids title. New this time around is adverts. During the challenges, a prompt will pop up to hit 1 for advertisement. These are animated mini skill games which can grant bonuses in the challenge. Even if you aren’t good at them, I recommend trying anyways as they are downright hilarious.
The animated intros and cut scenes are hilarious and remind me of John K’s animation style from Ren & Stimpy a bit.
Party mode returns with 3 choices for scoring. Normal – “the first 4 points wins”, Raving – “whatever you do, don’t come second” and Yard Sale – “everyone wins points”. You can choose to play with a time limit or choose a number of challenges. Between challenges, there is a minigame where player can gain control over the next challenge choice from the leading player and before the final score you face the Wheel of Misfortune, which chooses a random misfortune to fall on one of the players. So far it has renamed my player Dinkle and renamed my brother’s player.
There is also a training mode and the World Contest where you can face off for the best score, to be posted on Currently the challenge is Pimp My Rabbid, a dress up game for score. Unfortunately voting has not been activated on the site yet, but expect it to be available for release.

The graphics are crisp and smooth, keeping the look and feel of rabbids games throughout, and I did not see any noticeable slowdowns or stuttering.
The sound is well done, fitting well with the feel of the game. The only thing out of place is the rabbids having a singing voice in Top of the Flops, but it is acceptable.

Basically, this is one wii title you must buy. Ubisoft took rabbids 1 and 2, mashed them together, and added even more. It is a wonderful party game, good fun solo and entertaining for all. Bravo Ubi!

In the upcoming part 2 I will try out the balance board and see how that works. As you saw in my vids yesterday, the room is a bit cluttered at the moment and needs a good cleaning to make room.