Banhammer Round 2

Seems the spammer/spammers are pretty determined. This time they dropped a dozen posts on me. Did the IP bans again and tried a new approach this time. Hopefully this time it works out.

Volcano Ecigs

My first spam

Seems I had a rather nonsensical comment to my post about breakfasts. Being curious and using firefox, I clicked the homepage of the poster.


Server temporarily overloaded, please try again later.


Lol. There’s a backfire. Spammed too many sites at once didn’t ya? A quick google of the site came up with a few porn redirectors and this blog which sums it up for me. The banhammer has been raised. Ms “Lola”‘s IP has been banned, and comment tagged as spam.

Now, before you go calling me a dick, I saw the overloaded message, gave it a week, then tried again and googled. I’m willing to give the benefit of a doubt, but … blatant spam and nonsensical posts……

where is it?

its on the server somewhere………..ah, there it is!