EA Bullshit

EA, the rotted sewage of the gaming world, has no end to the bullshit it will pull. They make a statement claiming they will encourage their workers to make new IP’s and give these a chance against the many big names they’ve gotten by buying companies and firing the workers, while having the highest worker turnaround in the industry.
Yup, I’m sure the workers will jump at the chance to give EA a game they worked on by themselves, just to be fired and watch their work get milked and bastardized like all the rest.

Now they’re after Take2 for the GTA franchise and Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed, and likely the Heroes and Rayman franchises. Fortunately T2 declined and Ubi laughed them out the door, but with EA owning 19% of Ubi’s shares and rising, how much longer can they last?

When will EA learn that games are best left to develop with the original developers?

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No more No More Heroes

Just finished No More Heroes. Badass game front to back. Plenty of comedy poking fun at japanese cartoons, games and culture.

I was stupid and saved after watching the ending, so i missed out on the real ending and had to youtube it. Who knew that even though there’s multiple saves that there’s no way to load previous ones. btw, catch the real ending here if you missed it like me. Real Ending SPOILER

Overall I would rank it a 9.5/10. Definitely worth a rental and one of the few I’d justify $50 on. The fighting is great, and the use of the wiimote is fairly intuitive and not gimmicky like it was tacked on last minute or made to show off the wiimote.

I played through the first ranking battle on bitter hoping to get a way to load the previous save or erase the current one. I’ll definitely finish it on bitter, but I have plenty of other games to plat through at the moment.

EDIT: Just found another good vid. For those of you who got to the last fight, this is the fast forward scene, slowed down to be understandable. SPOILER

Regular trip to Best Buy

I picked up a few games at best buy today (well, yesterday now) since they sent me a rewards zone coupon. Grabbed Battalion Wars 2 (25% off red dot sale by the clearance rack), Resident Evil 4, and a Wii Zapper. Now, I’ve already got a pair of Nyko Perfect Shots, but I was curious as to how the zapper would fare. It comes with Link’s Crossbow Training, which like Wii Sports, doesn’t come with a dvd case, which I don’t understand, but a quick trip to www.thecoverproject.net and a blank case quickly fixed.

I haven’t tried them out yet as I’m still concentrating on No More Heroes (awesome game). But I’m on the last ranking battle, so I’ll be starting the next game soon.