Dragonquest Swords: Early Ideas

So, I’m up to chapter 3 in DQS so far. It’s like a DQ on rails, a kiddie version of a DQ 3D. It has your typical RPG storyline, weapon upgrades, blah blah. The world *ahem* areas are rail type forward, backward, limited left and right view. It typically takes 10 minutes per area, if that. The graphics are fairly good for a wii game. All of the mobs have that familiar DQ look.

My only real grip is the controls. Everything is done through the wiimote. No nunchuk support here, although that would be nice. Sword, shield and movement are all done through the wiimote. While this isn’t bad, per say, the controls could be so much more immersive and less tiring with the nunchuk enabled.

The fights are ridiculously simple. I can hand off my wiimote to a friend, tell them to just swing it wildly, and be confident enough that they will win enough to go to the bathroom. It’s never failed.

And, while simple, the fights are nearly entirely swing driven, aside from menus and items. This makes the game tiring very quickly. After a full day of work, I can get an hour of playtime tops.

As an old DQ fan from the NES era, I’ve played 1 and 2 and that’s it from this series, sadly. This is a good game for kids to get into the series, old schoolers for tiring nostalgia, and well, thats about it. Perhaps the game will redeem itself as I go on, but from the reviews I’ve read, it’s doubtful. This game is best held off on until it hits the $30 range…..maybe 20.

On a side note, maybe it’s the accent, but Fleurette sound quite similar to the voice actress for Sylvia Cristal (sp) from NMH.

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