Zero Punctuation: GTA IV

This week sees a review from a more laid back Yahtzee of GTA IV. Seems like he enjoyed this one. I got a kick out of the Mario Kart comment at the end.

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Finished my “entertainment center”

Finally finished turning part of my desk into an entertainment center. I had a cubicle desk to house all of my pc’s and such, but with the big tv, I needed an entertainment center, so I removed the back part of the desk and have been building shelving onto the underside to house my Wii games and accessories within easy reach. Right now, I just need to put in some corner brackets to secure the uprights, but it’s basically done.

The second shelf was intended for pc games, but it’s pretty clear they’re going to be migrating back to the wall racks as my wii/gc collection isn’t far from overgrowing the top shelf. The dividers on the right are press fit for the eventual day when the wii leaves, but that won’t be for a good long while.

If you’re interested in the list I have collected so far, just click the pic for the full image, the titles are legible.

Now that that’s done, I just need to clean up around here and get to playing.

Zero Punctuation – Mailbag Showdown

Another entry from Yahtzee, this time he gives his hilarious, vitriolic responses to backlash from reviewing SSBB, a game for Wii, which he reviewed by popular demand. The irony being that the people who requested it have seen his reviews and knew exactly what to expect.

As always, Yahtzee works for and his full list of videos can be found here.