Zero Punctuation: Metal Gear Solid 4

This week, The Escapist’s Yahtzee takes on MGS4: Sons of the Daughters of the Cutscenes. Like many other game sites, he directly comments on the length of the cutscenes, something Konami tried to get reviewers to hide.

From the reviews I’ve seen so far, there’s no need for a MGS movie, just get MSG4.

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Truly a sad day for the world

The great George Carlin has died today at 71 of heart failure. This comes as a shock to all fans of this legendary comedian.

He had many timeless jokes, and definately set the bar for future generations of comedians looking to push the envelope. His long running career will undoubtedly find a place in comic history. He may be imitated, but can never truly be replaced. Mr Conductor, we will miss you.

I’m in shock, and go to bed a very sad man.

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Stats fixed

Seems my theme is one of the ones that does not work properly with WordPress Stats. Apparently WP Stats looks for a line that sometimes gets left out. Figured I’d share the fix for those of you who’d rather not change themes.

Thanks to Otto42 from the WordPress Support forums for this.

The code is not there. So, do the following:

Edit your theme. Look for the “footer.php” file.

In that file, right before the </body> (or just before the end of the file if there is no </body>), add this code:
<?php wp_footer(); ?>

Once you get that on your site, the stats should start working.

Now that that’s working, it’s one more thing out of the way. :)