Indy Burger should be a regular item

Went down with the CoffeeCommander to BK over the weekend two weeks ago and decided to try out the new Indy Double Whopper. I was apprehensive, as some of the promo burgers are downright nasty. This time, i was pleasantly surprised. It is your basic double whopper with pepper jack cheese, bacon, and a “cajun mayo”. Now let’s clarify, I’m not sure what is in the mayo, but it tastes like a mild chipotle sauce.
The overall experience is quite tasty. It’s a bacon double whopper with a spicy kick. I liked it so much that I had to go back over the weekend to get another. The “Great Tomato Scare of 2008″ didn’t take away too much from it, not like at taco bell. Even without tomatoes, its still pretty good.
This is bound to be one of those sandwiches like the McRib *drool* that I keep hoping will be added to the menu as a regular item, but never does, so go grab one while you can.

Volcano Ecigs

Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock: Wii

I am, by no means, a fan of this game. I should start there.

“Well, why buy and review the game, then?”

It boils down to popularity. Some of my friends absolutely love it. I have a change jug that I dump my pocket change into nightly. I told these friends that when that jug gets to have enough for the game, I’ll get it, but I’m not paying out of pocket for it. Two months and a Gamestop sale later, I had it. I sent one friend a text to tell him and he was at my house in 10 minutes, despite the fact that he owns the game. With this month’s GameStop sale on the Nyko Frontman, I had the extra guitar.

Now first off, I used to play the guitar, so I find the game insulting for a few reasons. There’s the button layout. If it was six buttons across the neck, one for each, string, it could be much more accurate of a simulation. Secondly, the assholes who constantly hear a song and say “I can play this song, it’s easy”, of course referring to GH or RockBand, not realizing that a real instrument requires much more skill than five buttons and a toggle can provide. This doesn’t sway me from the game, but it is an annoyance due to it. Finally, my real reason is that I wasn’t a big fan of Simon as a kid, so putting music to it, doesn’t help much. In the end, this is what the game is, Simon with music and you can see the next color coming, so even the memory skill required there is eliminated.

So, on to the game.

I’ve seen my friends playing GH in hi def glory on the X360. The same experience is here on the WIi…mostly. The music is the same, but the difference is what is lacking. Being how the Wii has no storage big enough to accommodate DLC, there are no more songs to get until the next version comes out. The lack of HD on the Wii isn’t all too noticeable, but it is there. The biggest drawback is the lack of horsepower in the Wii itself. The game occasionally has stutters, up to about a half second, but clearly noticeable while playing the songs. The music continues, but the graphics pause.

The guitar is well made, and the differences between the Wii guitar and the other versions are not noticeable in gameplay.

So, what else is there to say? If you have a Wii and can’t afford another console, but want the game, go buy it. If you have another console or a pc, you would be happier in the long run getting that version.

What the hell have I been doing?

We’ll, I’d like to say I’ve been playing a shitton of games and have reviews dripping out my yang, but sadly I dont. I picked up a futon, and got new windows put on the house, so my room has been rearranged more times than Michael Jackson’s face.

What I did do, was clear nearly every game off my “to get” list, a fourth wavebird with receiver and a spare without, a gamecube for when people want to play other games on one of my monitors, get some new front speakers (WOOT jbl stadiums, full set of jbl venue, except for the sub, since i have better), picked up guitar hero 3 wii and a extra guitar, try to clean my room ad nauseum, but it seems that every time something moved, 2 years worth of stuff was revealed to sort through.

With the moving around, I need to make one of the sections of my desk into a desk/shelving to store some of this crap. Well, on with the show.