Zero Punctuation: The E3 Trailer Park

This week, the Escapist’s Yahtzee takes on this years sad excuse for an E3, or rather what was actually there, taking a big potshot at upcoming games, the current state of gaming and trailers in general. Enjoy!

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Wavebird wireless receiver – Catering to the audience

Since I get a good number of hits from a google search of “wavebird wireless receiver” i figured I’d throw up a post letting people know the cheapest way to get one during my Chocobo’s Dungeon downtime.
Since you’re here looking for the receiver, you’ve, no doubt, hit eBay, only to be disappointed that they sell for pretty close to the price of a wavebird with the receiver. At the time of writing this, the cheapest one listed is going for $22.98 shipped and you have no way of knowing, other than someone you don’t know’s word.
The cheapest way is to keep an eye out at your local GameStop. They sell them for $18 used, when they get them. This is a wavebird with receiver, cleaned and tested. Not just the receiver, I know, but it is the cheapest way to get one, and you can always toss your extra wavebird on eBay without the receiver and get most, if not all of your money back. GameStop doesn’t always have them, as they rely on people trading them in, but patience will definitely pay off in the long run.
I have 6 wavebird with receivers, one without (I own a Wii and a Gamecube). I bought two new in package from Amazon, and aside from minor scratches, they are indistinguishable from the used ones.
So just stop in from time to time to check, I’ve seen two locally in the four days since I stopped buying them.

GameStop run

Being the last day of the email coupon for 20% off used games and accessories, I took a stop into the stop. From my to-get list, and what was available, I grabbed Pikmin, Zelda: Wind Waker, and another wavebird. with my Edge card, it worked out to 28% off, well worth the unscheduled stop. I was really hoping for Skies of Arcadia, Beyond Good and Evil, or one of the Burnouts, but you take what you can get when there’s a discount.
The wavebird puts me up to 6 with receivers, 4 for the wii and 2 for the cube, and a spare without a receiver. I’m now done with wavebirds…well, maybe I’ll hit ebay if I come across another.
The games go in my pile to play, which right now could easily reach my shoulder, but that will have to wait until I’m done with Chocobo’s Dungeon.
On a side note, it seems GS doesn’t deal in ps1 any more. Looks like filling out my Final Fantasy collection might get a little tougher. It’s a shame, really, since there were tons of good games on that system.