GameStop Run

Popped into GS to use my e-Rewards gift card. With my Edge card and the current email coupon of 25% off ps2/ps3 and psp used games coupon, I picked up GH:Aerosmith for $5, dark sector for $12, and assassin’s creed for $16.
The GH:A works out well for me, as when drinking night rolls around, I can be the one drinking and watching while others play, and not the other way around.
I thought about picking up some of the older GH PS2 games with the coupon, and after a search online, it seems I made the right choice in not getting them as GH2 is not playable due to controller issues with the ps3. GH1 can be played, but it seems you need an adapter and the old guitar.
Just goes to show that Sony made a bad choice for the consumers when they decided to not put in the old controller and memory card ports. It’s not as if there isn’t enough space. Well, they forced me to buy a memory card adapter to transfer my saves that I’ll never need again, maybe there will be an official adapter for controllers.

Volcano Ecigs

e-Rewards: I got my reward

I got my first reward from e-Rewards. $25 GameStop gift card! You simply fill out surveys and get credit for filling them out, and even a small amount of credit if you don’t qualify. There are other companies and plenty of other rewards, but this is the best one for me. This is the first survey site or make money on the web plan that is actually worthwhile.
I got the link in one of my gamestop emails and after some pondering decided to go for it.
Now to combine this with the current 25% off ps3, ps2 and psp coupon, and my edge card 10%, the math works out to be like getting $37.04 in credit. So, I just need to decide if I’m going to get a nice ps3 game or a bunch of ps2 games. :)

Zero Punctuation: Soul Calibur IV

This week, Yahtzee takes on SC4 and fighting games in general. As always, solid points presented in a funny manner.
I lost interest in fighting games some time between killer instinct arrived in the arcades and the n64′s debut, so somewhere in 95. SSBB rekindled it for me this year.

On an aside, Burnout review for PS3 coming soon. I just want to play through a bit more to make sure I didn’t miss out on anything.