Jack Thompson has been officially disbarred

The state of Florida has come to the right decision and disbarred Jack Thompson “without leave to reapply for admission”. Yes, permanently.
While I do feel for the guy, he just lost his livelyhood, I know they did the right thing. He was using his position, and overusing it, to pursue his campaign against violent games. I have no doubts that he will try other means to continue his campaign, but the campaign itself is fundamentally flawed.
Because of his campaign, video games became a legal scapegoat for people to do horrible things and get away with it.
I was in the atari (well TI-99 really)/nes generation.
I never got the idea to eat people from pac man, jump on peoples heads from mario, throw barrels at people from donkey kong, or even later shoot people from doom and wolfenstein. Duke Nukem’s cool attitude and catchphrases never inspired me to go on a shooting spree.
I mean christ, you don’t see the same attention paid to tv and movies. Tom and Jerry never made me hit my brother on the head with a mallet. The Three Stooges never inspired me to poke someone in the eyes.
Kids are smarter than people give them credit for. They get where the line is between comedy and game and reality.
People reflect the environment they are raised in. Just think of the classic cartoons you watched as a kid.
The older movies pose the prime example of how we’re constantly changing standards to “protect the kids”. National Lampoons Vacation – PG – swearing, topless nudity, dog strangulation, old woman dying in a car, under aged drinking, pot smoking, threats of violence with a gun. I loved this movie as a kid, still do. It would never see the light of day today, and if it did, it would be R or worse. Airplane is another good example with drug use, drinking, swearing, etc.
All this overprotective crap isn’t making better kids. Look around, they’re disrespectful, use language that would’ve got us a swift beating, and aren’t afraid to threaten their elders. This shit is getting us nowhere. What we….well they need is real parenting. Parents today are too interested in being their kid’s friends and not parents. And too fucking many of them can’t be bothered to put the effort into raising them properly.
Spanking your kids is “child abuse” today. Fuck that! A swift beating on the backside is exactly what kids need when they fuck up. A sore ass from the belt taught me damn quick not to do stupid shit.
So, back on topic, see the official documents over at Joystiq.

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No More Heroes 2 coming!

I am so totally psyched.
I nearly wet myself, ruined my couch and destroyed my room with the uncontrollable dance of joy I went through when I found out that NMH2 is coming and then again when Suda 51 confirmed that it will be a wii title.
The title No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle makes it sound like it might be a straight fighting game, a la Street Fighter and the new atrocious Castlevania game, but being Suda, I have high hopes that it will be a real game.
Set for a 2010 release game, this is sure to be a game I will be waiting for on opening day.
It also reminds me that I never posted a proper review of NMH. More stuff on the list to do. The sad thing is, as glowing of a review it will be, I know my words will not be able to do the game justice.

Zero Punctuation: Catching up

Seems that in my project time, I missed a few ZP’s.

ZP:XBLA Double Bill
Yahtzee takes on the beautiful, and mostly accurate revamp of Bionic Commando for the NES and the new Castle Crashers. Now, I love BCR….a graphic update to a classic with the gameplay relatively unchanged is exactly what oldies like me want from a classic redub. Castle Crashers…..well, I have no interest….from what I’ve seen, it just doesnt do it for me.

ZP: Mercenaries 2
Yahtzee takes on the latest game to hit most consoles systems capable but the wii.
Looks like fun, but not too involved.

ZP: Star Wars TFU
After seeing the CoffeeCommander play this game on the wii, I was mildly interested in buying this game. Not full price interested….but maybe wait a few months and buy it for 30-ish interested. After Yahtzee’s review, I might just wait a few months and try out the ps3 version.

let’s face facts, there is no wii game that can do controls with wii swings as well as No More Heroes.