Zero Punctuation: Fable 2

Yahtzee turns his sights on Fable 2 and it’s yipping dog this week.

Volcano Ecigs

Peter and Anna are on thier way soon

Peter and Anna will be here soon so I have to clean up this pit a bit.
The good new is that I have a balance board and Rabbids 3 on preorder for the 18th (got a slick cap from gamestop for preorder).
All I need now is to know what booze to stock and to hope that the day they stop by is the 18th or later.

No More Heroes – Wii

At long last, I’m finally posting a review of what is easily one of my favorite games.
In No More Heroes, you play as Travis Touchdown, an otaku (anime obsessive), pervy dude who just won a new light blade in an online auction. Travis was propositioned by Sylvia Crystal to be the best assassin there is. And there is the setup. As simple as it may be, you find yourself drawn to Travis, in that he has his mission, and even though he’s a perv, he has a heart.
The visuals are strangely appealing in that they take an artsy, comic style approach, but with the subject matter, it totally works and adds feel and atmosphere to the game.
The sound is good and helps draw you into the game. Sound effects are exactly what you would expect and the soundtrack adds to the game and fits right in.
The gameplay is where NMH truly excels. There is waggle, but it is here to accentuate the combat and movement. While driving the bike a key turn motion does a hard corner. And in combat, the waggle is for finishing moves. Also shaking the controller vigorously during the combat moves allows for bonus damage. NMH is one of few examples of the wii waggle actually adding to a game and helping to draw you in.
NMH is one of the best examples of what the wii has to offer. Humor, gameplay, story, it’s all here, and most of all, it’s fun.
This is one of the games with a bargain price that gives you much more than you paid for.
I am so overwhelmingly psyched for NMH2 Desperate Struggle. From what I have experienced with NMH, DS will be a day one purchase.
And with that, I leave you with Yahtzee’s old, and surprisingly good review.