Zero Punctuation ca(ke)tchup pack(et)

Here’s the six ZP episodes we’ve missed since I’ve been away. As always the “sauce” is Yahtzee’s page over at The Escapist.
Bad ketchup puns aside, we have Yahtzee’s review of Guitar Hero: World Tour and his view of the rhythm game genre in general.
He seems to share my view that innovation is not always a good thing. I’m looking your way, Fracture.

Next up on the sacrificial alter is Mirror’s Edge. Sadly, this game got poor reviews, as I was looking forward to playing it, on pc of coarse. Looks like I’ll wait for the inevitable price drop to $20.

And here on the ledge is Left 4 Dead.
No interest. none. Especially, not at the full game price point, for what amounts to a custom source engine multiplayer mod.

Next on the chopping block is our beloved Sega mascot, Sonic….also showing innovation (even if its just innovative to the series) isn’t always a good thing.

The Year in Review – 2008
Not much to say here, its a mashup of funny quotes from the year. Hey, Yahtzee deserves a week off, too.

And last up for now, we have Yahtzee’s look at Prince of Persia, the latest entry in the series. I was hoping it was the HD remake of the original.

Volcano Ecigs

Holiday mayhem is over

The craziness of the holidays is over and I will be back to regularly updating the page again. I apologize for not letting you folks know and will be sure to let you know beforehand next time something might keep me away.

A small change is the Upcoming page at the top right, where i can let you in on what reviews I’m working on and what I’m currently playing.