Steam, DRM, and some much needed lovin’

I just figured with the supreme victory of EA deciding to publish on Steam, I would let out my thought on everything involved.
The whole EA-Steam thing is great…in a way. But frighteningly enough, the “in a way” is more on Valve and Steam’s end than EA.
As awesome as it is that EA is selling virtually DRM free games…..i say virtually because Steam is actually a very nice service….the problem lies in that nearly all Steam games have to be uploaded through Steam, regardless of whether there is a retail version.
My only problem with Steam is that there is a very small list of games that can be bought retail and registered on Steam.
As greatly as I prefer Steam over the bs of securom, why should I not be able to register my purchased copy of Doom3, Everquest, CoD: WaW. and other games I can’t think of offhand.
The ideal solution for me is to have the physical disc and an online backup if needed. They offer it on a handful of non Valve games, why not the rest of the offerings? If it’s a matter of publishing rights, why not make Steam and Steam retail a requirement. They have the ability to put the Orange Box in every retailer in the nation, why not the other games too?
Not that Steam is a bad thing overall.
I was opposed to it initially, but as it evolved, it became a great service. My only gripe is the retail/steam thing. I know offhand that I have more than a half dozen games that are carried on Steam, but not supported for the retail copy.
Having the physical disc/net option for all Steam games would benefit everyone. The consumer could use the install disc for a faster install, saving Steam a bit of bandwidth. There would be the updates on the consumer’s side, balanced by the game being tied to a Steam account. And then if you figure all the steamable games that have been available retail, that’s a sizable number of potential customers thrown away.
Well, this spun out to be more anti steam then i was intending. I do like steam and all that it does. I just wish they’d give those of us who like the benefits of a disc some lovin too.

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