i finally may have a new car

with my car shitting on, me, shortly followed by it shitting on me after $250 of the obvious culprits and a $50 tow, i find myself looking for a new car.
today, at long last, i got my w2′s, making me the last person in my office to get them…..i know some sadistic bastard is laughing somewhere.
but i may have an ultimately sweet can in my future.
im lookin at a classic tbird in great shape bodywise. im hoping the drivetrain matches the body, but ill likely find out tomorrow.
im hoping between the scraps i have saved and my tax return, i can get this beast.
if i can get this car, i will happily strip my current paperweight of mods for resto work.
but once I get my car situation squared away, I can come back here with a vengeance.

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