The Watchmen gets a resounding “Meh”

Saw Watchmen yesterday. First, I have to say that, no, I didn’t read the comic.
The previews hyped it up to be a gritty comic book action movie, like an Xmen meets Sin City. Boy was that wrong. What it is is a drama, with some superhero elements, but mostly a drama.
The whole storyline is “meh”, not good by any means, but I’ve seen worse. The “bad guy” you will figure out early on, the scene is overly obvious. The ending is completely anticlimactic and disappointing. The characters aren’t overly fleshed out with the flashbacks that confused one of my friends. Overall, it’s at least 2 hours of drama, with a little action peppered in here and there.
It would be a decent rental, if you’re drinking, nowhere near worth seeing in the theaters.

Rorschach though, he could have his own movie. He’s easily the best character.
And Dr Manhattan should have worn a codpiece or some underwear or something. There’s no need for glowing blue dong on the big screen.

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