Buy 2 get 1 free @ Gamestop

So, yesterday was the last day of the buy 2 get 1 deal on used games at GameStop. I wound up going to two GS’s on the southern side of the state in search of Metal Slug for the Wii. Gotta love classic side scroller action. No luck in the one in the big mall, but across the highway is the other mall. Kept alive by its anchor stores, this small, two floor mall has about three open stores. Back in the Electronics Boutique days, this location was like an unofficial outlet store, a treasure trove of bargain stuff the other stores no longer have. Here, I found Metal Slug, Mega Man X Collection, and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, all rare finds in the stores I normally hit. I topped them off with Manhunt 2, Burnout 2, Timesplitters 2 and Gun. Seven games, yes, but Timesplitters was $7, while the rest were $15-$25. No sense wasting the freebie.

On the way back I popped into the coffeecommander’s and went for a coffee. He wanted in on the sale, so we hit the local ones. On my recommendation, he grabbed FZero GX, Killer 7, and Metroid Prime from the first store. Second has nada. Third had NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 X 2 and not much else, so CC and I split the second copy, tossed in NFS Underground 2 and were off.

I totaled in 9 games, CC got 4, and my list of games to get dropped to 13 titles, two of which are yet to be released.

How’d you folks do with the sale?

edit: Oops, Already had TS2, looks like CC gets a freebie.

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