Indy burger returns

Seems BK can’t quite make up its mind on this one. I went with the CoffeeCommander to BK yesterday and, joy of joys, it’s back. Perhaps they only took it down because they were out of sauce, I’m not sure, but it made my day. With any luck, they’ll keep it on permanently. Maybe rename it to the cajun whopper or something along those lines for legal reasons.
So grab one up before it’s gone.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to BK.

Edit: Seems the whole mix up is just utter incompetence on behalf of the staff. Today, it was advertised, but unavailable. I went to another location. Here, they took my order. From the back, I hear “How do i make this?” “Double whopper, pepper jack, bacon, onions and special sauce”
I got…..a double loaded steakhouse burger….fried onions, steak sauce. Needless to say, they remade it, proper this time.

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