Hidden Gems: R-Type Final

With the Wii’s GameCube compatibility and the PS1 and PS2 compatibility of some PS3′s, it opens new possibilities for gamers who passed on these consoles and past fans alike to play some great games, and normally dirt cheap. In the Hidden Gems segments, I will review some of these titles.

Any ShMUp (Shoot ‘em up) fan has heard of R-Type. It is one of the games that laid the trail for shmups to follow.
Fans of the genre will not be disappointed by this title. With 101 ships to unlock as you play (99 plus 2 bonus), the bydo lab, war chronicles, gallery and awards serving as an equivalent to current trophies, the game has a pretty good replay value.
Fans are treated to a fully 3d R-Type with mini cinematic entrances to each level. While the game does get rather repetitive, the variety of ships to unlock with the different weapon schemes for each ship will make you try out different strategies for each ship.
The R Museum shows you what ships you have and gives the history and basic info for the ships you have unlocked. The ships from past games make appearances as well as plenty of newcomers.
The five difficulty settings make sure you can find a good mix of fun and challenge.
The levels can vary based on how you play and what ship you use, so you can see a variety of stages and a few different endings.
Like many past shmups, there are some slowdowns with some of the more graphically intensive weapons at times, but not horrendous enough to detract you from playing.
Not really a game you can pour more than a few hours into at a time, but it is a good change of pace and great fun.
The game currently sells for $10 used, and at this price, it is more than worth it.

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