GameStop and BestBuy Run: Time Crisis 4

Figured I’d pop into GS before the storm hits the northeast tonight. I checked the gamecube games, turned around to the ps3 stuff and there was a TC4 box on the floor. Apparently, someone returned the game and gun with the box. Fortunately for me, GS was selling them separately, so I grabbed the gun for $30.
In my head, I saw a status message saying “Conditions have been met” and knew my shopping there was done. Once I shook off the feeling that I play to many video games, I headed to BestBuy to pickup a TC4 set.
Now if Sony and Namco can just work on a patch to allow the old guncon 1 and 2 games to work with the new guncon, I would be in heaven and wouldn’t need the old tv and ps2 for my shooting games fix.

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