EA facing class action lawsuit over Spore’s DRM

Yup the same DRM they have on bioshock and mass effect. You’d think they might learn.
I’d have bought bioshock new if not for the drm. I waited until the install limit was lifted to buy it. So I paid $20 for a game that i would have otherwise been willing to pay $50 for. I passed on mass effect until I no longer had interest in getting it.
So, we all know about the over 2000 people one star rating spore on amazon due to issues from the drm.
Now there is a class action lawsuit for securom doing exactly what it does….spyware and malware. Securom causes system instability, it is a fact. Now people are calling EA out on it and (as always in America) seeking monetary compensation.
The sad fact is, as I said before with bioshock, DRM only hurts and inconveniences legal purchasers of the game. On launch day for spore, there already was a torrent of the game and working no cd crack. The pirates get a free, DRM free game. Why do those of us who legally purchase the game get the install limits, system instability and securom bullshit?

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