Free breakfast friday…..well sorta

So, friday was the last day for Subway and McDonalds breakfast promos. Subway had a free mega stuffer with any purchase, and free Dannon strawberry Activia yogurt, while Micky D’s had free McSkillet burrito with a medium or large drink.

I had woken up early enough to stop by both before work, and i like the mcskillet, so there was no loss regardless for me.

The Subway breakfast…..well, it is : a square of biscuit dough, eggs, sausage, (both precooked), bacon, shredded cheese (both the same from the sandwiches) cooked in the oven. Now as you’d imagine, this takes a bit longer than a sandwich. Likely around five minutes, but as you wait, it naturally seems like forever, and the toasting stove sounded like it kicked into super hairdryer mode. I half expected it to hover over the table.

It was fairly tasty. I’m not a biscuit guy myself, unless it’s Popeyes butter cake biscuits. But as far as a breakfast goes, it was pretty good. Fast food, no.

I wound up getting the Subway sandwich, a chocolate milk as my purchase and the free Dannon yogurt, which had a mildly dry taste to it. I ten swung by Micky D’s for the burrito and a medium OJ.

The McSkillet I like, it’s the breakfast version of Taco Bell’s half pound beef and potato burrito. It’s filling, and tasty and the OJ can’t be beat. It always amazes me that McDonalds can have consistantly good breakfasts and bland lunches.

Either way though, we’ll see how long the Subway breakfast lasts. No coffee, btw. Mystery to me. But if you’re on a hurry, the McDonalds Sausage egg and cheese biscuit isnt far off, albeit a bit smaller and much faster.

So, Subway seems to have a mildly successful attempt at breakfast. Biscuit lovers will be right at home.

Now, I hear Dunkin has good pizzas. Most of the local ones can’t make a decent coffee and the local bakery site keeps the meats and eggs in warmers all day, so the sandwiches there wind up like buttery rubber. But the hot chocolates are pretty good…..and impossible to fudge, so I might bring myself to try the pizzas one of these days…..or i might just keep going to the pizza parlor about 30 feet away. We’ll see…

I guess the price will decide.

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