Boring, yes ,but updated still

So, basically, not much has changed overall… still busy.
I got the truck moderately happy with the drive as long as it’s babied.
Switched to volcano ecigs to get actual customer service.
LG TV is still working. Still have the shitty Samsung in the attic in the event of a class action suit or recall…..or maybe to drop off at their corporate office, douse with gas and light on fire. would be the most entertainment gotten from it.
I took up……gardening?
In one of those strange chains, yes.
A tasty onion sprouted in the fridge. Now, bear in mind….to get a nonfarming person to take notice AND plant this……I tell you this onion turned into a garden in and of itself. I planted it in a 10×10 pot in my room and it exploded even more. The room filled with the lovely aroma of onion and the pot overflowed with onion “stems?” stalks? I named it sideshow bob due to the resemblance. Unfortunately, Bob grew up plenty, but not down.
At this time, the coffeecommander had mentioned that his mom got a generic topsy turvy. $7 and a few plants later at the depot, and i had a mini garden. Unfortunately……or maybe fortunately….I have a very addictive personality and do go on shopping binges from time to time. The perfect storm aligned…time passed….and i now have… in my window… a very happy 14″ bell pepper plant which is the greenest plant I’ve ever seen, 4 happy 9″ jalapenos and 4 onions growing around the remains of bob all under a daylight bulb and blacklight on a timer.
Not to be outdone, my backyard now has chiles, jalapenos, Hungarian wax, and cubanelles in Topsy turvys……2 rows of 9 Hungarian wax peppers in long planters, a row of 9 cubanelles, 3 habaneros, 3 viva italia tomatoes, 3 heirloom tomatoes, 1 big patio tomato, and I believe the one hanging out of the Topsy is an heirloom too.
At least I’m down to 3 pots in my room….was starting to feel like a greenhouse in here.
And…Borderlands….yes… absolutely must have it.

Volcano Ecigs


Yes, I know it’s been a damn long time and i apologize for that.
In the lost time I have….
gotten rid of my car which decided to play nice with the new owner…
picked up a beater truck…
worked on said beater…
faced losing my job…
decided I’d like to take the severance package, unemployment and get certified on pc tech an repair and a general college degree…
got fucked by my job as they decided to relocate me back to warwick and took severance off the table once i said i wanted it…outright saying i hated my job had no effect on them…..fuckers……
beater isn’t fairing well on the drive to work, as it hasnt been over 40 in years and gets royally pissed when it is…
looking at a 45-60 minute commute, which should be 15-20 since the truck doesn’t do highway for more than 10 before royally shitting itself……
spending 30-40 a week on gas on a 4 banger…….
telling the assholes at corporate that my truck can’t do highway got the response..”just borrow from your profit sharing” which is what fucked me from being able to pay my bills in the first place…..
my tv/pc monitor shit from the plague that’s affecting all Samsung TV’s….got a quote of $5-900 to fix my 2 year old $1500 plasma. the current equivalent version of my tv is $800….with better refresh, etc. Bought a $800 LG 1080 LCD. Fucking love it. FUCK SAMSUNG AND THEIR SHIT TVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my LG makes the sammy look like a turd. plus i got a 4 year warranty. fuck you samsung! $1500 should get me more than ONE FUCKING YEAR!!!!!!!!! really, i have crts from my early childhood still kicking great. this POS lasted 2 fucking years…..$1500 = 2 years……..FUCK YOU SAMSUNG!!!! and to add insult to injury, i work 8:30 to 5 and the local samsung tech works 9-4, so repair…..if it didn’t cost more than a new tv, isn’t even an option.
I switched over to electronic cig. I tried a generic at a 4h fair and they just had regular tobacco flavor which tasted like dip and made me crave cigs. but a friend had a menthol version at the bowling alley. Lovin it. 6 days on vapors. So far, I’ve already covered the starter packs price in cigs not smoked. i grabbed two…..white and black. the black was on backorder, which was what i wanted while the white was in stock. so i’ve been smoking the white and just handed it off to a friend tonight when my black arrrived. it came with a bad charger, which is already going back for rma….fortunately the blu pack is also a charger.
and there’s been a bunch of other misc crap too, but the long and short of the effects on this site will be that….
updates are coming…
zero punctuation will no longer be embedded, just keeping it as a sidelink, he updates weekly
updates to come

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