Zero Punctuation: Hawx

Yahtzee takes a shine to the latest offering from Tom Clancy’s shitbag of games, proving you can polish a turd.

Volcano Ecigs

Zero Punctuation: MadWorld

Yahtzee takes a stab at the latest mature game for the wii.

Kinda deflated my enthusiasm to play it.

Best Buy: Mushroom Men for $10!!

I hit up BB today hoping to get NFS:U PC for $20….sold out.
But what they did have was a couple of fairly new games in the bargain bin. So I picked up
Mushroom Men Wii – $10 – isn’t this still a new game?
Space Siege PC – $5 – not a big surprise here
Test Drive Unlimited PS2 – $9.99 – cuz I’m curious how it compares
Mana Khemia PS2 – $5 – looks decent

The funny thing is that each game with the yellow sticker had to be manually changed. And MM rang up at $49.99. So it’s worth it to swing in and check the bins for a bargain. If nothing else, you could trade them in at GS and make a few bucks.